This is not just a fashion blog. Okay, it is but I don’t want to limit the premises of the blog – or myself – that saying it’s about fashion because I believe that fashion is about so many other things than fashion. Perhaps that I have just repeated the word ‘fashion’ four times in the first sentence of this page does not help.

‘Fashion is more than about ‘just clothes”, is a phrase I find myself saying as a defense against those who see fashion as superfluous. I see fashion is an important part of our contemporary culture and society as it helps us to make sense of the world. The designers revolutionizing fashion are not acting alone as sole agents but with the help of others. They possess a unique quality that exemplifies their love for the art of creating clothing both as a functional garment, and as an artistic ornament. Fashion designers create alternate universes for us to inhabit and inhale. They helps us to lose a sense of  ourselves as well as lend us an aspect of individuality: we wear the clothes they create and for a split-second, are allowed to forget who we really are.

This blog celebrates fashion’s captivating spirit and ingenuity. It champions fashion as a powerful and meaningful sphere of knowledge and culture. ‘How do we make sense of it all?’, ‘how can we convey our enthusiasm about something that is seen as inherently non-intellectual to some?’ are questions at the forefront of the blog’s preoccupations. Often, I think people fail to see the ‘smart’ side of fashion, the part that clearly shows fashion’s complexities together with its beauties. You could argue that this blog is about that – or you could argue that this blog is about nothing but random, disconnected thoughts and ideas on fashion. All you have to do is read on.


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