Is Spring finally here?

On peering of my window last week, I noticed that something was different outside. It was warmer, more humid (possibly), there seemed to be fewer clouds in the sky and more people out on the street. Oh, and the sun was out! In this godforsaken country I had almost forgotten about that ball of fire and heat. Yes, it has been that long since we’ve had sunshine in the UK. It’s March now so you’d think it’d be about time, but this Spring has been the most long-awaited Spring ever.  As I shivered and stumbled my way through the (non-snowy – thank God) cold and rain all winter, there were times when I began to wonder whether this was all just a dream, whether the seasons didn’t actually exist and that actually life is just one big winter with a bit of sunshine and warmth thrown in once a year for the sheer sake of it. But no, I was wrong. Life is more than just winter. Seasons such as Spring and Summer do exist too, if only for a short period of time.

As a Londoner for the past 5 years, I was understandably over the moon. The best part of this amazing weather is that I would be decking myself out in new clothes. Bye bye thick duvet-style coats and suffocating knits! Hello short skirts and cropped tops! The warmth of the sun’s rays on my skin is a feeling I have long yearned for. As much as I love London for all its fascinating quirks and whimsical attractions, the weather is really shit most of the time. I longed for the days when I would be able to dress as I do back home in Asia. There is no place like home.

I decided to check out all the usual fashion suspects online like Asos, Topshop, Marks & Spencer, Zara, and came up with some pretty good stuff. I mean, stuff I actually think I’ll be able to fit in to. I’ve lost a bit (not much) of weight since December as I have been on a new diet – not a fad one – just been eating less carbs and more vegetables. I know this sounds shallow but I am excited about getting new clothes that I’ll look good in. And is there a better time to shop than in Spring?

The trends this Spring were trends which I was already aware of (half a year in advance) and so I knew what I would be getting when I looked in the stores come Spring/Summer. The trends are very much candy/pastel-coloured and there’s also a lot of sporty attire influenced by the likes of Prada and Marni. I also think that Spring/Summer is such a sexy season and there’s no better way to practice this than to get a really cool cropped top and pair it with boyfriend jeans or a pleated midi skirt. Spring/Summer clothes are also delicious because they remind me of food, like how that pastel would work well as ice-cream or cake. Yum.

Spring is also a good season to invest in print because really, you can’t go wrong with print in Summer or in Spring. It’s the layering that makes things complicated, but once you don’t have to layer, then it’s simple. Wear a nice printed dress and some nice accessories et voila, vous êtes prêt! The beauty of Spring dressing also is that can actually wear florals without looking over-dressed/inappropriately dressed, like how some people do in winter. Everyone wears floral printed stuff during Spring; it’s a no-brainer, so why wouldn’t you go for a no-brainer? Dressing can (sometimes) be so tedious that it’s nice to be able to throw on a pair of flip-flops, slip on a floral camisole and just go. You don’t have to spend ages in front of the wardrobe deciding what to wear.  That’s what I love the most about Spring/Summer dressing – not having to spend ages getting dressed. That probably isn’t a big secret, but it’s definitely the key to keeping things simple for Spring.



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